Phases of the Work

Workshops with Gary Howard are interactive and focused on site-specific issues and concerns. His sessions are organized around the following five arenas of engagement, growth, and conversation:

Tone and Trust

• Forming a community of learners among the participants
• Modeling activities that can be used in classrooms and meetings
• Building a climate of constructive collaboration
• Transcending the rhetoric of shame and blame

Personal Culture and Personal Journey

• Acknowledging each person’s unique cultural narrative
• Deepening our understanding of cross-cultural dynamics
• Providing a functional definition of cultural competence
• Clarifying the process of personal growth toward cultural competence

From Social Dominance to Social Justice

• Exploring issues of privilege, power, and difference
• Describing the dynamics of social dominance
• Linking issues of dominance to current educational challenges
• Providing a working model for moving from dominance to social justice

Classroom and Job-Specific Implications and Applications

• Connecting each of the above discussions with classroom/work realities
• Sharing classroom and workplace successes and challenges
• Working with the 7 Principles for Culturally Responsive Practice
• Implementing an action-research process for self-reflection and growth

Systemic Transformation and Planning for Change

• Identifying institutional barriers to equity and social justice
• Working with a three-phase model for institutional transformation
• Action-planning for professional development and systemic change
• Assessing strategic outcomes related to equity and excellence