Guidelines for the Slection of CRT Team Members

Culturally Responsive Teaching Leadership Teams that will work with Gary Howard, here are some suggestions:

  • People who have demonstrated a strong commitment to equity and social justice issues.
  • People who have earned the respect of their colleagues – who are opinion leaders among their peers.
  • People who are good stand-up presenters and facilitators of reflective conversations.
  • People who represent the diversity of your school/district/institution in terms of race, gender, age, grade level, role, department, specialty, classified and certificated, and other dimensions of diversity that you feel are salient.P
  • People who will support you in the implementation of a systemic change process related to cultural competence and culturally responsive practice.

Important Note: Implementation of the Gary Howard Equity Leadership process requires a team of at least 5 people from each building or Central Office department, and more if possible. For the greatest impact and effectiveness of the process, it is important that key leadership people attend the entire 4-day Institute and serve as members of the Culturally Responsive Leadership Teams.