Institute Overview

As a result of his work over the past 15 years, Gary Howard has created a new professional development and systemic change process that has been tested in many educational settings throughout the country.

Equity Institute attendees receive his
Leadership Manual for Inclusion, Equity, and Excellence, which serves as a foundation for building the internal capacity of their own leadership teams to deliver high quality, long-term, systemic professional development.

Leadership Manual provides all of the professional development materials and a 3-4 year implementation plan to support your institution in creating a process that fits your culture, your community, and your specific needs. The work proceeds in five phases. As part of the Institute fee, participants receive a license to use Gary Howard’s materials in their school district, university, or organization.

Institute Process

  1. Select a team of 5 or more people from each school or department who will serve as the leadership group for this work. See Guidelines for selecting Equity Team members.
  2. Your teams will receive 4 days of intensive professional development related to cultural competence, culturally responsive practice, and systemic change for equity.

  3. As part of the License Agreement, you will have the right to copy and use the materials in Gary Howard’s Leadership Manual in-perpetuity within your district/organization.

  4. With the work of this team, your district/institution will have the internal capacity to implement a 3-4 year process of work-embedded professional development for inclusion, equity, and excellence.

  5. You will have the opportunity for ongoing follow-up, support, and consultation as needed from Gary Howard and/or his associates.

  6. It will be important to integrate the Equity Institute process with other ongoing initiatives in your district/institution, so this work is not positioned as separate add-on.

  7. The involvement of senior leadership in the 4-day Institute is critical to the success of the work.