For Central Office and School Leaders

Cultural Competence and Courageous Leadership Building a Foundation for Equity and Excellence

This one-to-three day workshop is centered on building the culturally competent leadership skills that are necessary if we are to be successful in our efforts to create inclusive schools and close the achievement gap. This is the work that leaders must do if we are to support our teachers in creating the kinds of instructional practices and school environments that are productive, safe, welcoming, and excellent for all of our students and their families.

For Teachers

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Culturally Responsive Teaching: Bringing Equity Alive in the Classroom

In this interactive session Gary Howard engages teachers in exploring both the personal and the professional dimensions of Culturally Responsive Teaching. Participants work intensively with ways to integrate into their classrooms the seven principles for building culturally responsive learning communities.

For Higher Education

Cultural Competence in the University Context: Creating Inclusive Institutional Environments

In this 2-hour to 2-day session, Gary Howard provides community college and university leaders with a conceptual framework and a set of workplace strategies that have been fruitful for many of us in freeing ourselves from our own personal, professional, and institutional barriers. This is the work that can guide our journey from rhetoric to reality, and it is the essential work leaders must do if we are to be true to our vision of building dynamic, just, and pluralistic institutional cultures.

For Independent Schools

Inclusion, Equity, and Excellence in Independent Schools: Engaging the Personal and Professional Journey

Using imagery and stories from his white water rafting trips on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, Gary Howard invites Independent School leaders and teachers to courageously consider how they can best transform their schools for the purpose of embracing diversity and engaging the complex learning needs of all students. He describes six key ways that we as educators, parents, and school leaders can support both our students and our colleagues in their growth and development related to educational equity and cultural competence.

For Parents

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Guiding Our Children in a Global Age: A Discussion with Parents

The world our children are inheriting is growing increasingly complex, diverse, and inter-connected. What are the critical skills they need to thrive, succeed, and serve in the 21st century? What is the role of parents in nurturing culturally competent children? What is the role of the school? In this session, Gary Howard joins with parents, educators, and community leaders for a stimulating conversation about issues of cultural diversity and social justice in education.