Professional Development for Systemic Change

Gary Howard Institutes are highly interactive and focused on building the capacity of leadership teams to deliver high quality professional development in their local setting. His sessions are organized around five arenas of engagement, a unique philosophy and approach, and a proven and effective sequence of application.

Objectives and Content

Workshops with Gary Howard are interactive and focused on site-specific issues and concerns while, at the same time exploring five critical arenas of engagement.

Philosophy & Approach

Each of the activities, conceptual frameworks, goals and discussion topics included in the Institute is designed to move teachers, leaders, schools, and systems toward greater cultural competence and effectiveness in the practice of culturally responsive teaching and leadership.

Suggested Sequence of Activities

Rather than being a “one-size-fits-all “approach, Gary Howard’s work is flexible and always responsive to the needs, evolving lessons, and on-the-ground realities of each school and district.